Covid-19 diary #2

The new totem (home printed) shows that the Kuritu Line is back in business.

As the UK goes into deeper lockdown, I have done more modelling in a week than the previous 6 months.  I completed the new shadow box for the railway, and gave it a coat of my favourite sage green.  I think I’ll have to junk that tin of paint.  It’s rather old, and is stick tacky in places after a day or two.  But it’s the best I can do in the present circumstances.

I superglued back into place one or two figures that had come adrift, and restrung a few overhead cables.  New LED lighting followed.  This isn’t quite bright enough, and I may well redo it when the world goes back to relative normality.  But it’s all looking very satisfactory, and good to actually (nearly) complete a project.

As the layout can be viewed from both sides, finding a home for it in the loft is a bit tricky.  I think this corner works – half of one side is tucked behind the door, but it is all visible and can be operated.

Just need to add trams and start running….

And now there’s this wide open space at the end of the loft.  What could fit in there?  To my relief, TrackShack have posted me some PECO track today, despite all shops closing.  I wonder….

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