Covid-19 diary #3

Kuritu back in action.  So on to the next job – to complete the two N-club modules that I had started, that contain a small USA switching layout.  I had wondered whether to scrap them and start them over (and I guess that I may still do that), but a little playing around with the track layout, and the buildings that will go on the layout, has nearly convinced me that it is better than I thought.

The modules are set up now, as below but not bolted together.   I need to break out the ballasting on the left hand module, as it didn’t go down properly.  I’m also wondering whether I can raise the boards a little higher, that will make access to the wires and plugs a whole lot easier.  But I am then in danger of running into the sloping loft roof – and have I got enough timber tucked away to do this?  All these decisions, but at least there’s plenty of thinking time available!!

I had already built this craftsman kit of an ice house.  It will probably be used as a general store shed, after the milk traffic closed down….

And the creamery, from the same manufacturer, is under way.  The sash windows consist of three separate pieces, plus glazing.  Although they are self-stick pieces, a little superglue has helped construction.  A really fiddly job, to be done one or two at a time.

One issue I have with the modules is the weight of the 1200mm board.  It weighs a ton, especially as it has a transformer fitted to its underside.  I had also wondered whether to trim 300-400mm off the length.  400 would be better, as it would leave a standard N-club board, but 300 would suit the track layout better.  More decisions!  Now if you want a really light railway, try this…..

A lightweight shunting plank

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