A picture to inspire….

Couldn’t resist culling this from Facebook (apologies if I shouldn’t), but it’s an inspiration for reworking a Dapol ‘Schools’.

A sight for sore eyes. June 6th, 1953, was Epsom Derby day which was patronised by the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II. Stewarts Lane shed’s cleaners excelled themselves by turning out Maunsell ‘Schools’ class 4-4-0 no. 30915 Brighton just about as immaculately as a steam engine could be and here we see the result of their efforts at Tattenham Corner. The pre-war 4-Sub on the right is interesting as it is berthed in a non-electrified siding which is why there were always steam locomotives present for these events.

I liked the bit at the end about parking EMU’s on non-electrified sidings.  A possible operating scenario?

[Mike Morant collection]

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