It might be Wednesday?

The trouble with this social distancing, and not being an essential worker, is remembering what day it is…..

But here are a few pictures that caught my eye recently.  First what to do with old stock?

Sydney I think?  A comment on Facebook…

There is a story told about operations at the former waterside Darling Harbour Yard in Sydney.

A freight car went off the end one day (despite the stop blocks etc) was reported as a mishap. A floating crane and a hard-hat diver turned up a few days later to retrieve it.

The diver went down and hooked up the submerged freight car and when returned to the surface he is reported to have said… “What do you want to do about all the other ones down there?

Next, Morden depot during a lockdown – even less trains out than on a Sunday?  More trains not moving than the average fiddle yard???

Victoria station in the 1950’s or 1960’s.  Lots of green EMU’s, including, I think, a couple of those elusive 6-PUL units with a Pullman car included.  Every time I see a photo like this, I start to look at those Minories plans!

Meanwhile, in 1962, a ‘Schools’ 4-4-0 approaches East Croydon.  This train can be modelled off-the-shelf in ‘N’.

A Lehigh Valley lash up….

Snow on that rarely seen, but interesting Lehigh New England line.  It’s locomotive roster was mainly FA-FB units, in an attractive black and white livery.  That snow’s a real modelling challenge for you….

And a modern tribute….

Finally, an interesting little yard – with potential for an N-mod module.  Vestry Depot was owned by the Corporation of London, and had a rail-fed yard just behind the Walworth Road, near the Elephant and Castle, on the Herne Hill – Holborn Viaduct line.  It disappeared during the 20th century, but is an interesting, and tiny, site with its slip points and a sector plate.  I think the red spot is a wagon lift down to the yard below.

And finally, one to challenge the rivet counter….

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2 Responses to It might be Wednesday?

  1. Alan Baker says:

    Strange as it may seem the tram photo location is a kilometre from me..Story- A friend of mine did his apprentisthip at Garden Island Naval Dockyard. One of their jobs was to test the operations of gun turrets. Normally this was done by aiming at a tram coming down the hill on the opposite hill across the water at Taronga Zoo.On this day the turret rotated too far to the left . My friend “what are you dong? Reply ” I have sunk a tram” you have proof in front of you in the photo- happened at least twice


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