Covid-19 diary #7

The mojo has returned!  I have retired again to the loft.  I’m afraid that Kuritu was just taking up too much space in the wrong place, so it’s getting moved.  At the moment, it’s on its side on some chairs, that shows it’s unusual – sort of geodetic like a Wellington bomber – baseboard, with a three layer grid of softwood.  It’s surprisingly strong and rigid.

So my N-club modules have returned to their original position.  Being a little shorted now, they fit really well to the space, and I modified the short legs to raise them higher above the shelf, making access easier.

And I’ve had a good turnout – lots of odd paints now properly organised.  The large Sirius cardboard box holds a lot of things that I was going to try and sell at NGSE.  I suppose I’ll have to wait till next year or try Facebook now.

And then there’s the odd track box – far too many Peco Settrack 9″ curves – really only useful for tram layouts.

And a little more reading arrived, from Wild Swan.  I do enjoy books of plans – though I don’t have any intention of building anything from the ‘Met’.  It’s another excellent read.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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