A Minories of my own – 3 – location, location, location

I’m still working on the baseboard design for the layout.  I’m minded to wait until the FineTrax points arrive in the post, so that I can check that the published templates match the real thing.  The problem with a layout on arches, is that the raised baseboard section needs to be shaped to match the track.  I’d be confident that I’d get Peco geometry correct, but am less sure about FineTrax,

In the meantime, where is this station, and what have these outer platforms been tacked onto?  I have placed it to the west of the old Ludgate Hill station, imagining a new link built from Waterloo to directly link the Holborn Viaduct line with Waterloo.  This does make a bit of a mess of Ludgate Circus, and I’m making no attempt to match any of the actual road layout, but Ludgate West is a tentative name for the layout.

This location gives a lead as to the train shed that forms the backdrop to the station.  Here’s The Engineer magazine’s sketch of the structure.  There are plenty of pictures of the bridges at either end of the station, that may give a lead as to structures to choose for the layout.

I’m not sure where I got the next photos from, so my apologies for any copyright problems.  They show the old Ludgate Hill station in its latter days, and in one case, ready for demolition.

Hopefully, I can report on the baseboards next time out.

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