East Croydon

No, I’m not about to build another layout – progress continues to be good on the Minories, and all will be reported soon.

Last month I came across this picture of the tracks just to the south of East Croydon station, and the interesting track layout to the approach roads.  (Photo by Charlie Verral)

I was tempted to have a look at this area on the National Library of Scotland maps.  They show just why there is the odd layout of tracks above.  Around 1896, the branch to the left terminated just off image in Central Croydon station.  This little station opened in 1868, failed to attract enough passengers, despite direct links to the GER and LNWR, and closed in 1890.  The remnants of the branch became the engineers yard shown below, and the old station site became the current park and town hall.

By the 1950’s. the engineer’s depot had become the inevitable car park, and the trackwork slightly simplified.  But the slightly complex entry to East Croydon still shows some evidence of the original branch.

Despite there being 5 or 6 tracks on the main line, this does have potential for an exhibition layout.  The length of track between East Croydon station bridge and the footbridge to the south is quite short, and the retaining wall makes an interesting, and simple, backdrop.  Lose a track off the boards, and it’s almost an N-mod layout…..

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