A Minories of my own – 9 – still shopping

Yesterday, I put together a ‘kit’ of parts for the second baseboard.  It should appear online in a day or five – not much progress will be made over the weekend with FA Cup football on TV and internet!

However, the Bartlett household was a bit like this over the last few days.  Fortunately, the ‘Old Lady’ is pretty tolerant of my purchases….

Here’s most of the haul.  Bits and pieces including cobblestones and Plastikard to get things moving again on the Minories.  Also the bits to join baseboards, so I think the next job will be to build the other boards.  Did I mention that Amazon is bringing me a couple of narrow shelve runners for the traverser…..

And did I mention this beauty.  You can keep your class 92’s!  The US switching line is a most useful test track….

Perhaps Maxine will order one of these….

One parcel included a copy of the latest Model Railway Journal (as WH Smiths, Redhill didn’t have a copy last week when I visited) and a book.  Big shout out for the Titfield Thunderbolt Bookshop.  Perhaps not the widest choice of railway books, but I rate any shop highly that includes a hand-written note with the purchase.  Full marks to Simon.

And the book was this one.  Great little volume, full of photos of those everyday items – like the signs and signposts shown – that we think will always be there, but have largely gone from the British Isles.

And I’m wondering about a new layout……

Better not, but what a model that would be!

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