ESNG meeting – 17 March 2021

Bit of a record turnout this evening – and an international connection!  Business as usual to start with, but good to see Martin join us, recovering from a little maintenance on his shoulder.  Phil and Paul were running trains to keep us amused.

Simon disappeared, with the poor excuse that Chelsea were on television.  Well, Norwich were winning as well, and I stayed online!  But he missed the excitement of the evening – first Maxine joining, then Chelle (slightly by mistake), and really specially, Paula, all the way from Portugal.  Thank you, Maxine, for sending her the invite.

Obviously Martin’s convalescence will be productive – there are a lot of point motors to wire up, and he also showed us a train running around the new layout.

All in all, a fun evening, with topics ranging from Covid to omlettes, via a train or two.  And here’s Paul’s usual accurate summary of the evening:

The latest East Surrey N Gauge Zoom meeting took place this evening. An international flavour tonight, with former members joining us from Portugal. I had trains running, 8 at the same time, including 4 Bullet Trains. All worked surprisingly well, but it is a bit of a handful trying to keep your eye on everything! I can have up to 10 trains running now with tram tracks to follow at a later date. Looking forward to real life meetings starting again in the not too distant future.

Brian has been busy again…..

And here’s an idea for a real micro layout – compress the stock as well as the baseboards!

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  1. Brian Seaman says:

    Thanks for sharing my short films Jon 🙂

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