Potpourri #1019

Another one for the Terrier collection.  I thought that I preferred Stroudley’s ‘Improved Engine Green’ to Marsh’s umber colour, but this little loco looks very smart.

I may have posted this before, but it’s such a great shot of Waterloo in the 1960’s.  No steam, but plenty of interesting EMUs.

A few years earlier you would have found M7 0-4-4T’s on empty coach stock.  Such a powerful little locomotive, lugging 12 or so coaches down to Clapham Junction.  I spent 9 months working in that building they’re finishing next to the line.  Nice to see the revised Dapol N gauge model coming out soon.  Pity they made it so wide.  The M7 was a conspicuously narrow loco…

Here’s another one at Eastleigh….

One at Midhurst in SR days….

And a classic shot at Seaton on a push-pull train in 1961.  Looks as if they are just about to load that scooter into the guards van.

And to finish, another classic LSWR locomotive, the X3, precursor to the T3 and T9 4-4-0 locos, amongst others.  A most elegant design, and one that I’m sure will never be made commercially in N.

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