Potpourri #1042

With the theme of stations…..

This kit for Paris Bastille is nothing short of spectacular! Expensive, yes, but a wonderful model.


Or how about one of these?


I was sorry never to visit this station when I was working in Thailand.  Now it’s closing.


I have visited this one!  But not to catch a train, just to visit.

Stuttgart’s new station is a bit of an epic….  Makes Crossrail look easy.  I note that the new airport and Messe station is mentioned.

And why would anyone put Redhill station in a computer simulation?  Still, it looks a lot tidier than the real thing! 

Till next time, when I may have made some progress with my legs…..

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to Potpourri #1042

  1. brianmartinseaman says:

    Interesting seeing a south east branded train at Redhill in simulation. I did see one in real time recently, and had to do a double take as it passed by!


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