Slightly unhinged

A little more progress on the modules.  Hinges have been fitted between the two boards.  Despite great care in setting them out parallel and square, the boards didn’t quite shut square.  A little basic geometry and similar triangles allowed me to re-drill some of the screw locations, and all now works.

I’ll be able to lay some track in a few days, all being well.  First I need to set out the lines.  All four N-mod tracks will sweep inwards across the board, two passing through each of the gaps between hinges seen below.  I might disguise the hinges with a pair of short tunnels or a wide bridge, much as for our old fiddleyard.

I think that the scenery will be simple and basic, perhaps farmland, with a signal box and huts between tracks.  I’m wondering whether to have a simple two-line goods yard or carriage sidings on the inside track to add a little interest.  I’ll see what I’ve got in the way of PECO code 80 points – I know that I have enough track for the boards.


And here’s one for club members?  A chance to be on Mastermind, that appeared in my in-box, presumably for ESNG.  How about it?  We could enter the Cha(i)rman with a specialist subject of Milk Floats 1970-2020.  Or maybe “Locations of Cafes serving full English breakfasts in Southern England”?  Mr Atfield could star on “Repairing Graham Farish locomotives”.  Paul would, of course, be good on Shinkansen.  And Graham on TV programmes – any TV programmes that is!!  Unfortunately, I don’t rate their chances in the general knowledge round….

Mastermind Casting Flyer (002)

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