Potpourri #1044

Plenty of modelling going on….

A pleasant afternoon looking at the new ESNG fiddleyard – it has been sitting in the church office for nearly two years, having been well and truly paused by the pandemic.  Having worked out how to put the thing together, we spent time planning the wiring and other tricky details.  Hopefully we can get on with some real building next week.

At home, I’ve started laying track on my new modules.  Hopefully, that will all be down this week.

And the potpourri for the day….

Well, Boris is in the news, but looking back this didn’t follow the science….

Modelling challenge of the day.  Of course, the Southern Pacific put trolley poles on diesel switchers, but this was just for the train detection system on the Pacific Electric.  This goes a step further….

Hornsey Broadway is always worth a look.  In EM, it’s one of the most realistic layouts I’ve ever seen.  And the period modelled is very familiar too…

Some unusual and attractive layouts at this show….

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