Tracklaying started….

A major step forward as track laying starts on the modules.  I’ve got the main track lengths in place on one board.  I am very happy with the way that the two sets of lines sweep across the board.


I need to cut and lay the last section of track.  I’ve already glued in place the baseboard end joiners.  These are American products, bought years ago, and are shaped copper-clad, already gapped and tinned to solder the track to on one side.  They are a little think for PECO track, and are supported by that rather useful material – old credit card plastic.  This isn’t a credit card, but an old Amazon Prime invitation, I think.  But the plastic is rigid, tough, and can be glued with impact adhesive.  I gather that it also makes very good fixed drawbars between engine and tender.


Here at the join between the two boards, I’ve used up some PECO Setrack lengths that were rescued from an old layout.  The Setrack is tougher than ordinary PECO flexible track, so will (I hope) survive being at the end of the baords.


On the left hand board, I thought that I’d add a couple of sidings, probably carriage or DMU storage sidings, on the inside track.  A quick visit to Invicta today to deliver some exhibition flyers also produced a couple of PECO points.  I suppose that there should be a trap point on the sidings, but I’ll probably ignore that to maximise the length of the sidings.


Next step will be to complete the trackwork on the right-hand board, then lay the curves onto the left-hand one.  After that, my least favourite jobs – wiring and ballasr.

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