Remembering Dreibruken

Many moons ago, ESNG renovated Dreibruken, a 25 year old Swiss layout that was donated to the club. Dreibrucken was a firm exhibition favourite, but the old lady was finally a bit past it and retired.  In 2005, Dreibruken appeared in the Continental Modeller, with some lovely photographs by Len Weal.  The Continental Modeller generously allowed us to reproduce the article on our web site, and it seems long enough ago for us to also post the photos again on the blog.

My main memory of Dreibruken was how heavy those massive baseboard were.  I’m not sure that the current aging ESNG members, 15 years on, could lift them any more.  As an occasional operator, I found it confusing as to which tunnel the train was going to appear from….

D&R 14

D&R 03

D&R 08

D&R 09

D&R 12

D&R 13

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