ESNG meeting – 16 February 2022

Wednesday’s meeting was a successful one.  No new modules this time, but 9 members plus a visitor.  Not least, yet another final meeting for Paul – even though we told him no curry this time!

Another last ESNG meeting, but this really should be it! If everything works out, the flat in Redhill will be professionally cleaned and finished around 3pm tomorrow, I can then hand the keys in and return to Daventry before storm Eunice arrives on Friday.

And it was good to see Peter who was in the area and dropped in.  We also discovered that Chris had missed a meeting due to Covid, but good to see him looking well again.  And Ian was able to come to the meeting – and keen to pay up his subs for the year.  Here we have both usual and unusual suspects.


Graham seems to be wearing his MEGA hat – Make Earlswood Great Again?  Paul is looking happy – perhaps it’s the effect of so many ‘last’ ESNG meetings….


On the rails, Michael was running fairly modern UK stock.

Chris had brought along some Southern multiple units, including this ‘Thumper.’


Simon was testing an old Roco model, that ran very well, but will probably be butchered into something American.


Modelling challenge of the day comes from the BBC and Storm Dudley…

Or just use this…..

Bet they can’t do this at Miniatur Wunderland!  The prop landings are just sideways….

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