Potpourri #1045

Another post of odds and ends.

Beautifully colourised film of LA in the 1930’s.  Plenty of Pacific Electric and LA streetcars.  Note the dual gauge track, as the two systems were standard and narrow gauge.  And I was amazed at just how busy the whole place is.  A contrast to pictures of London in that era?

Keeping the USA theme, two very nice American layouts, one eastern, one western.

And returning to the tram theme, the 2021 Crich Model Tramways Exhibition.

After Friday’s weather, Sean drew my attention to this little gem – legless in Croydon again!  A tram does appear.  Actually, this could be any day of the week…..

Probably safest underground in this weather…

Find the deepest station in London here.

And review the current London rolling stock, with Jago Hazzard’s usual amusing commentary.

More next time!

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