ESNG meeting – 27 February 2022

A very quiet afternoon, with just the four members present.  Plus Ron, the ESNG honorary auditor, lured south by the promise of a curry.  Excuses from other regulars ranged from the reasonable – I’ve a fence to fix – to the unlikely – I’ve got to watch Chelsea lose a cup final.

But we had a very pleasant afternoon running trains, with a track each.  Mr Atfield brought along another new module.  This has a number of interchangeable scenery sections to show the area around a station at points in history.

My new modules continued their debugging.  The new castors and handles that I’d fitted were most useful in lugging the thing around.  I found (or at least a train found) a bad joint, and a bit of wire sticking up above the track.  A good test session, and I’ll get on and fix these issues this week.  The module looks good end on, watching the trains snake through the curves.

We ran a variety of trains, including Allan’s Inga-Net friendship trains, with wagons gifted or bought at Stuttgart over the years.


And the afternoon did indeed finish with a curry.  Can’t be bad!  No video from Brian today, but here’s his new fence panel….


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