And some ground cover….

Suddenly there’s less than three weeks to the show, and I was intending to get these modules finished, or at least nearly finished.  So I’ve been at work with the ModRoc and brown paint and multicolour flock.

The factory buildings are planted, and there’s a fine lawn outside…..


And the ground still needs a few trees and bushes…..


But we’re getting there!

We’re still progressing with the new ESNG fiddle yard, though next Monday will be the last session till after the exhibition.  I finally got around to designing the control panels…..

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also got into the sun and done a little gardening.  It’s always a surprise when I add a little new oil and petrol to the lawn mower after the winter, and it actually starts.  I’m not sure Havant in pre-grouping days was as hectic as life is now!


And this is a good read.  “‘I’m proud to be called a nerd!’ The pop and rock greats who love model railways”

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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