ESNG meeting – 20 July 2022

Fortunately the record temperatures were the day before this meeting, and even more fortunately no track had buckled on the layout, so normal running was possible!  However, the eight members present seemed more interested in talking than in running trains.  (Though it must be recorded that Graham ran a train before 9:30!)  But so what – nothing wrong with a social evening with good friends.

I did test a rather nice, lightly weathered, 4CEP that I’d picked up second hand.


And Simon was running a very long American train, with varying degrees of success…..


Trains were also contributed by Derek, Graham and Phil.

Elsewhere, Dave has been on holiday in Welsh Wales…..

Hi Jon, here’s some views of the Welshpool Railway. It’s 8miles long and 2’6″ gauge. They do a 2hour round trip to the end or 1hour round trip half way. The old impressive mainline station is now a clothing shop with the new station (just a platform) now on the other side of the bypass. The cattle dock which still has dual gauge track laid, was in use by the main railway. Welshpool Railway used it to unload wood for the woodyard which is still there.  The railway bridge over the canal is now a footpath. It has an aqueduct close to it. Also a wharf and museum.
Hope this is of use to you, Dave

And here’s a picture I took of it in 1971 – very early days.


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