Saggers Sidings completed

Some real modelling today, rather than ESNG members holiday snaps (that will, of course, soon return.)

I wanted to complete my modules, now named ‘Saggers Sidings’ in memory of Miles, before the Bredgar and Wormshill Railway model show.  First step was to get a nameplate made up for the layout.  It’s come out very smart, and was worth the investment.


A disguise was needed to hide the hinges between the two halves of the layout.  I wondered about a bridge or short tunnel and opted for the bridge, as the Peco mouldings had straight sides that enabled a strong structure to be built up.  The bridge arches were cut back to slide into place, and joined together with plastic card.  Although the Peco plastic is very soft (and hence easy to cut) it welds to the pastic card very well.


A return to my old modelling skills.  The curved roof sections were made by taping 40 thou plastic card to a bottle and then filling it with boiling water.  After 10 minutes or so, replace with cold water, remove the tape, and a nice curved section results.  This isn’t quite the right radius, but bends easily to fit into the locators provided on the arches.


I then built up a box section to form the bridge deck, and used offcuts from the arches to bodge in the missing wall sections.  It’s beginning to look the part.


I added plastic stone facing to the walls under the bridge.  I was lazy and didn’t do the roof – it will be invisible from all normal viewing angles.

Next decision – what to put on the bridge – road or rail.  I opted for rail, though strictly the bridge isn’t strong enough or appropriate for a 4-track main line.  Perhaps there are some hidden steel girders hidden under all that stone!

I had some Woodland Scenics trackbed lying around and lots of odd bits of Peco track.  A little ‘No More Nails’ and the track was in place.


Ballasting followed.  I decided to have two running lines and two rather disused sidings – though we could park some stock on them at a show.  A couple of Peco buffer stops from the Atfield Scenic Stores and plenty of greenery fixed that.  I made a fitting for the nameplate, and job done.


I really can start a new project now!  It won’t be this (from a Traction Facebook site) in HO….

No photo description available.

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