A rather cold Berlin

After a three years hiatus due to covid, we got back to Berlin last weekend, to see Ruth, Cory, and the dogs.  This week will feature a lot of Germany (and without Ron, too) as this weekend was also the Stuttgart N-Club meet.  I have some pictures from Allan, who went, to follow.

We realised that this was the first time that we’d stayed in the same hotel in Berlin, as it was close to Ruth’s apartment (and she’d been moving around before.)  This hotel has the added bonus of excellent views of the U1 U-bahn line from the breakfast area.  The trainspotter in me noted three types of unit running – the old ones with handles to open the powered doors, and two types of more modern unit.  I love the elevated lines here.  Note the sprinkle of snow.  It didn’t get above 1C all weekend.

Friday, it was off to the Natural History Museum, by the overground U1….

And the underground U6….

There were some rather long bendy trams to spot….


Before visiting a good display of our ancestors!

Sunday included a trip to the Pergamon Museum with Ruth & Cory; some brilliant ancient history, including this restored gatehouse from Babylon.  (And more trains to spot, as one Berlin main line passes almost through Museum Island.)

After the museum, a Chinese lunch, close to the railway and the tram terminus….

The afternoon was spent making one of Ruth’s new jigsaws (yes, she’s now entered the puzzle business – EU readers, you can buy them at Give Me Sundays, but unfortunately not in the UK, yet) and eating Cory’s cookies…

And back home on Monday (after a shopping visit for Maxine to the Turkish run Woolworth store) to a marginally warmer UK.

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