Stuttgart – 2022 #1

Whilst Maxine and I were in Berlin, Allan travelled to the NCI meet at Stuttgart.  I’d originally considered doing a triangular trip including both Stuttgart and Berlin, but this was just too difficult for my tired old brain!  Maybe another year?

I’ll be picking up all Allan’s camera shots over the weekend, but here are a few of the set-up day, and of Thursday.  I think that I’ve been here before…..


Allan comments….

Been a good day just helping out here and there. Been great not having to set up our own modules.  Richard Oliver’s modules were standing around for quite a few hours waiting for modules to turn up. Last to arrive was Pauline with Mirfield.

My experience has been that either (i) the Swiss get held up at customs, or (ii) the nearest clubs arrive last, and (iii) they are always linked to, and upstream of, your modules.  I agree that it’s great not to have to put your own layout up – and make it work.

There is just so much work setting up a large show….

And three festive pictures.  It’s so tricky to model snow well, but these night time scenes look great.  I like the details such as the ruts along the road, and the man fishing through a hole in the ice!

And of course the first day of the show….

Is followed by the booth party (including some very long speeches and perhaps a few hangovers?)

More photos to follow….

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