Stuttgart – 2022 #4

I’ve often seen criticism of the Stuttgart layout and modular systems in general that (a) it’s unrealistic and visually poor to have different scenery from different locations on adjacent modules, and (b) that the total mix of trains is not right.  These are, of course, valid points, but I think you have to look at modular railways as just one facet of the hobby where (a) there can be a wide range of railway features modelled and each section can be looked at alone and appreciated in its own right (although NCI do specify scenery colours in their module standards), and (b) it’s Rule 1, so any train can run – half the fun is not knowing what is coming next.  And of course, it does allow very large modular layouts to be set up, far larger than we at ESNG could ever imagine.

So here are a few more of Allan’s pictures, of modules including…..



Main lines…..


Single track branches….


And sometimes the downright peculiar, with this French glowing snow shed!


We’ll have some other layouts next time.

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2 Responses to Stuttgart – 2022 #4

  1. Paul Ingraham says:

    I’ve attached some thoughts on modules that I hope you might find thoughtfully engaging. Reply comments are encouraged!

    Paul Ingraham, California USA


  2. Hi Paul – nothing seems to be attached? I’d be interested to see them. Jon


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