Stuttgart – 2022 #5

Final pictures from Stuttgart, with the other layouts and modular systems.

I’m not sure from the hall plan whether these are modules or standalone layouts – but both are lovely models.  I think my show favourite is this model of the classic Rhine scene with rail, road, river and vineyards.  I’ve seen this done before, but never with such ‘deep’ scenery.

This long Belgian layout of the station at Voneche also has some excellent scenic modelling.

And Pauline’s Millfield, with a very British fiddleyard!

There are always some N-track North American modules to see – and they usually do an awesome chili, too, for the Thursday evening social.  Mixes well with the Danish raw curried herring….. perhaps?

And in recent years N-m has become a regular exhibit.

A slight reprise of that excellent snow scene in N-m..

These T-track modules appear most years, but they’re still fun to look at. 

 A bit of a mega post this, but I need to finish this series of posts!  Duncan sent me a link to another facet of the show:

I found this short video from Stuttgart you might like. It shows my Oxford Diecast radio-controlled ambulance on the AnTi-Cars layout. It’s harder to drive than it looks!

So that’s Stuttgart 2022.  We hope to be there in person in 2023 with a full ESNG complement!

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