ESNG meeting – 11 December 2022

A freezing cold Sunday afternoon attracted a hardy five members, plus Chelsea Pensioner Richard (last seen in Stuttgart) and Ron (back from Germany and already queuing for his curry.)

Dodgy looking lot!


Not that many trains running, as a lot of time was spent talking.

Mr Atfield was fettling a TGV (if that’s the right word for TGV’s.)


Allan was getting the milk from the West Country onto his milk float.


I was running a parcels train.


Richard tested a delightful Austrian rake picked up at Stuttgart.  New model, old prototype. 


A rather more modern passenger train from Brian.


And a Class 47 pretending to be a Brush 4?  There has been no livery better than the two-tone green.


Finally, Mr App’s goods train.


Mid-afternoon, Derek (Apps) and I returned to working on the new fiddle yard.  A couple of wires swapped around and adjustment of microswitches means that one of the two end boards is fully operational.  It should be easy to complete the wiring on the second, as it’s a mirror image of the first.

By the time we packed up, the snow had arrived, though it had eased up after a post-railway curry,  I understand that a number of keen railway workers had to push Ron up the slope from the curry-house and station…..


And being a Sunday, here’s Brian’s video of proceedings…..

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