2022 – a modelling review of the year

For my last post in 2022, I thought that I’d review my modelling for the year.  Despite some weeks where I didn’t venture up to the loft, I seem to have make quite a lot of progress.

Saggers Sidings was completed, giving the club an 8′ module stored at the clubroom.

I put together an N-club to N-mod transition board, that was really an excuse to build a bus garage.  I am currently rewiring my N-club modules to make them more reliable.


And I improved the legs on my N-mod end loop.

A late edit – forgot to mention my rebuild of St Chant, Martin Mickewright’s very old layout…


Kuritu II went to the West Sussex show, and I went down with covid the next day….

Recently, I’ve returned to my Minories layout – I’ll report on progress soon.  I seem to have been building a lot of modules, and ignoring my stash of kits.  Maybe next year!

And as for ESNG, we’ve held a successful exhibition in April….

And took our N-mod layout to both the Bredgar and the Redhill Scout’s shows.  Both went well, and were enjoyable times.

And the new club fiddle yard really is nearly complete!

I haven’t been to many model railway shows as a punter, but Uckfield was, as ever, an essential visit.  Lots of inspiring modelling to look at.

Finally, I’m having a change from railways this week and building a 1/35 Tamiya Citroen Traction.  A bit of fun.  It’s interesting that building this is not much easier than working in N gauge – there are still fiddly little bits that are difficult to fit!


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