London Festival of Railway Modelling – 2023

I bottled out of fighting my way to Ally Pally last weekend.  I gather that it was a very successful show and very well attended – Allan described Saturday as a scrum, and it was difficult to get near anything.  But Simon was helping on a trade stand on the Sunday, and sent me a few pictures.

Melton Mowbray (North) is an exceptional N gauge layout.  A lovely slice of British Railways, a real location but when I’ve seen it they’ve kept a steady stream of trains passing to entertain the viewer.  I rather liked the information provided, including the operators of the day!

Blackfriars modelled the original LC&DR terminus in P4.  This has progressed a long way since I last saw it at a show.  Excellent modelling, and made even more interesting by the period chosen – late 19th century.


Mortonhampstead in 2mm scale.  A slice of Dartmoor, and an atypical GWR branchline.  Another fine model, and lots to look at even when waiting for the next train!

Spirit of Swindon in N.  It’s an excellent model of the GWR works, but I’m afraid it leaves me cold.  I don’t know why (despite my lack of interest in the GWR.)  Just personal taste, I guess. I’m afraid that I am equally unmoved (heresy!) by the enormous James Street (also at the show.)  Somehow, it’s just too big and too much going on.  Oh well, each to their own….


Finally, Pacific Electric in HO.  A tiny, continuous run, but captures California in the 1950’s.


I hope that I’ll get back to the show next year – I trust that the train strikes will be over by then!

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