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A pot pourri for Thursday

Firstly, my modelling mojo has returned, and an update on my workbench will follow soon.  It’s really a matter of getting into a habit of retreating to the workbench for an hour – or even just a few minutes – … Continue reading

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Spot the deliberate mistake

If you have ever been berated by some ‘expert’ at a show, that some part of your layout has the wrong livery, take comfort in what recently happened in real life. To Cathay Paci(f)ic – with a large airliner….. If … Continue reading

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Believe it or not spot….

If your drivers keep going on strike, what do you do? “SNCF targets autonomous trains in five years” An autonomous locomotive in northern France is controlled by a “téléconducteur” at the control centre in Lyon.  Strike-hit French Railways is rapidly … Continue reading

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Too true….

From the always interesting ‘The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews‘.  Certainly sums up my approach to modelling….. And for no reason but that it amused me, here’s the earliest (1512) known image of ‘Don’t throw the baby … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Railroad Track Compilation

You think the track is bad on our N-mod layout?  Just look at this video.  Now I know that the telephoto lens makes things worse, but some of these lines are pretty awful!

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Hello Kitty?!?

It’s a bit boring going back to the LNER, isn’t it? What we need is ‘Hello Kitty’ on the WCML!! And the train crew dressed in character….. Read about it here. No doubt Kato will make one soon!

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New facets to the hobby?

All self-respecting forums have a thread called ‘Ebay madness’.  Well, here’s my contribution. Perhaps it’s a new, slightly cheaper, approach to model railways?  Collect the empty boxes, and put them on the shelf end on as if you owned the … Continue reading

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