Eurospoor 2014 (4) – And finally…. the USA

My last set of Eurospoor photographs show models of the USA.  Everyone seems to model US outline, and there were some excellent models on display.  ‘City Limits’ would appear to be part of a larger modular layout.  The industrial decay and grime was well captured without being overstated and reduced to caricature.  I sort of wished there was some of the main line exhibited, with the heavy traction in evidence but unable to run.

DSCF1220 DSCF1169 DSCF1165

Flemmingsburg was a fine ‘O’ and ‘On3’ layout.  American models in O-gauge have a real bulk about them and they have momentum like the real thing.  Lots of fine models here.

DSCF1166 DSCF1168 DSCF1197 DSCF1198 DSCF1199

Now, that’s what I call a fiddle yard…..


And finally, finally, finally, another O gauge narrow gauge layout.  Very much a work in progress.


For a more detailed look at Eurospoor, have a read of that wonderfully titled blog ‘Motorised Dandruff’ – nominally about NZ120 modelling – but with three blog posts here, here and here, with far more words and pictures than my paltry efforts!

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