ESNG meeting – PlayDay 20 September 2015

Well, it’s been an interesting weekend.  Thursday, my son gets engaged.  Saturday our church holds an Autumn Fair and makes £440 for charity, so I am busy all day setting things up and running the ‘hook the duck’ game.  Sunday it’s church and the ESNG PlayDay.  Monday has a difficult funeral to go to.

The PlayDay was a pleasant interlude, with 6 members and Miles in attendance, and brief visits from my better half and Graham’s son-in-law and two children.  We got a respectable 2×2 module circuit up and running in little over half-an-hour.  Dave had brought along one of his pairs of modules and Allan brought the Speedo board, so we had a little more interest than usual in the layout.


There was a good variety of trains on display.  Two Japanese bullet train and some goods trains.  Two American passenger trains.  I gave my Penn Central train an outing, as I had replaced the old Kato business car bogies with Microtrains ones.  Although I lost the lighting, the running is greatly improved.  A Swiss passenger train.  A number of UK passenger trains from all BR regions (except Scotland).

My photographic record is limited, as my camera battery died at the wrong moment, but I managed these two videos.  The first shows my Midland 4F 0-6-0 heading up some new Maunsell coaches and assorted Southern parcels stock.  The second shows the same train crossing with Allan’s Maunsell N class 2-6-0 and a train of mainly Bullied coaches.

I also managed to spring clean (OK, it’s autumn) the railway storage cupboard and move the 4 N-mod corner sections down a shelf, so they are easier to get out for club nights.

And of course the evening finished with 6 of us enjoying a curry…..


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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