Jon’s modules – getting ready for a show

ESNG have been invited to exhibit at the Dorking and District Model Railway Club 2o15 show on October 3-4.  Unfortunately, I found that a number of key members were away that weekend, so I offered to take Earl’s Wood along for the show.  It will be the first show for a number of years when I have to actually operate the layout.  The last two outings, it has been a static exhibit, as I have been too busy as exhibition manager to run trains.

At the top of the layout was being used as an extra shelf for all my stock, I decided to fit a shelf above it, that would allow me to get Earl’s Wood out without moving too much other stuff.  A visit to the local DIY shop produced some plasterboard fixings.  I had some brackets in stock.  And a cut down hollow door, also in stock, made a quick shelf.  A couple of hours work, and I found I had even more storage space, and I could set up my new storage racks and blue boxes bought at TINGS.


The other key job was a fiddle yard for Earl’s Wood.  This came together very quickly with a sheet of 5mm foam board.  I used ‘No More Nails’ and a hot glue gun for the joints.  The hot glue gun is excellent for this sort of work.  But one tip – do not smooth the glue with your finger – at least not immediately.  I have a blister as evidence it really is hot glue!

The end result is not very elegant, but surprisingly strong.  Being incredibly light, it can be cantilevered off the main baseboard.  The edges are strengthened with tape, and a two coats of blackboard paint finished it off.  It will hold a couple of short goods trains, or an RDC or two.  All that is needed for the show….

2_f 3_f

These two jobs done, I can get back to the N-club modules….


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