Two photos

To finish February, two random photographs I came across whilst ambling around the web.  Sorry, I haven’t got the links or owners…

Firstly, unloading an elephant from a circus train.  (From the file name, I think this is an entry for the Sony photography awards.)  There have been plenty of models of circus wagons and coaches over the years, but this does show the potential for a more static scene.  I’m sure ‘N’ gauge elephants are readily available – this looks like an evening’s project.


Secondly, another believe-it-or-not moment.  This is how they transported a 5mb, yes 5mb, harddrive in 1958.  It’s a frightening comment on how far computers have come – although I read an article recently suggesting that computing power and miniaturisation has peaked.  It would also make a good scene on one’s layout.


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