ESNG meeting – 21 September 2016

A busy club night on Wednesday, with a dozen or so members present.  Good to see Paula and family again, as well as the usual suspects.  No Cha(I)rman though, as he had a milk round at 3am or so the following morning.

The fiddle yard quickly filled up.



Interesting trains included Derek’s modification to a German ‘Party Coach’.  It now has working disco lights.  And Neil had raided TINGS in style, and had a series of boxed Dapol sets, mainly HSTs, in different liveries to test.  Paul was running long Japanese container trains, but the circuit was too small to get near the 147 wagon record.

I spent a lot of the evening talking to John B about Alpenbahn and trying to see how we could put together a large modular circuit for next year’s ESNG show.  The show is basically organised – we just have to see how to put the N-mod, N-club and Alpenbahn modules together to form one large circuit.

Members – remember Sunday afternoon 2pm onwards is a ‘PlayDay’ and that Derek will be bringing Martin’s trains around for the last time for a little retail therapy.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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