A couple of quotes

A couple of quotes from the Model Railroad Hobbyist forum that caught my eye…..

“Watch out for rabbit holes”:

One of the reasons model railroading is the World’s Greatest Hobby is that it’s actually a number of different hobbies, all working together toward one grand goal. The only problem is that’s it’s All Too Easy to go too far down the path of one particular aspect of the hobby. Before you know it – you’re down a Rabbit Hole.

The latest rabbit hole pleasant diversion I’ve found myself pursuing is “superdetailing my sound” using ESU’s LokProgrammer. You can read more about it here if you like.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying my time down with the rabbits (though the ones with sharp, pointy teeth are a little annoying…)

It seems important to differentiate between ‘Rabbit Holes’ and ‘Pleasant Diversions’.  Sometimes a little modelling in another scale or of another railway company can built up ones enthusiasm for the main project.  On the other hand, one must avoid the positive diversion….  Or there again, maybe not?  Sometimes a completely new challenge is needed!

Then there are “The Perils of Progress”:

Sometimes rapid progress can be a bad (ish) thing.

Over the last two days, I’ve run out of wood glue, spackle, wire for feeders, and rail joiners!  Oh well looks like a couple of shopping trips are in order.

I’m suffering from the same perils this week, as I get back into modelling.  A couple of parcels have arrived with bits and pieces for a new project (yet to be revealed, but it involves all those containers from TINGS and the SCNF cinema car.)  I’ve also had a couple of emergency visits to the do-it-yourself and hobby shops to buy things that I thought I had in stock (but no doubt will find later.)

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