An interesting N-gauge coupler development

A very interesting development from MicroTrains – the ‘True-Scale’ N-gauge coupler.  The pictures below shows how good these look (photos MTL.)  They also have the advantage over using ‘Z’ gauge couplers in ‘N’ that they have no springs and ‘slinky’ effect.  Information here.




Perhaps the only catch to them is that they will couple automatically, but need to be uncoupled manually with a ‘pick’ of some kind.  I like to do this anyway, as it allows one to spot wagons wherever one wants, without another visit over the uncoupling magnet.  The dummy air pipes are for show only, and look pretty realistic.  They also have a lot of potential for fitting to UK EMUs, DMUs and coaching sets for fixed rakes.

Supplies seem to be limited at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll be generally available before long.

Long discussion thread for the dedicated here and here.

And see how to fit them with this video….

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1 Response to An interesting N-gauge coupler development

  1. I don’t run N but often I am struck by the massive couplers on the front of N gauge stock. These look a million times better.


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