Bognor Regis MRC show 14/01/2017

Took a trip to the seaside (not that we saw it) with Derek Atfield to visit the Bognor Regis MRC show.  Not the best I have been to, but there are always a few things of interest, and it was a pleasant drive through the countryside to get there.  I was impressed by the strong junior membership in the club, and the number of layouts the juniors had on show.

I liked Tokar – OO9 in 1930’s Sudan.  Lots of detail in the Kasbah….


Perhaps the best layout on show was this On2.5 layout – but I can’t recall its name, as it doesn’t appear in the exhibition guide.  Good running and good scenery.


Note the O gauge fox in the foreground…


There were a couple of layouts with southern third-rail in place.  And two different takes on the Southern transformer houses and switchgear.



A 4-CEP is being prepared for the next service….


‘The Brick’ is based somewhere around Bricklayers Arms in south London.  I liked the abandoned bridge with barbed wire and bushes (probably buddleia.)


Our friends from the West Sussex Group had a modular layout on show.


This took me back to my early years of work, designing sewage works.  I really don’t think this one would work….


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2 Responses to Bognor Regis MRC show 14/01/2017

  1. Chris Davis says:

    Hi there. Thanks for your comments especially regarding my layout – the On2.5 one – actually O16.5. It is called the Slindon Vale Railway and was drafted in as a last minute replacement at 1800 on the preceding night – thus not in the programme. Come again next year – although the show is aimed primarily at families and children there is, as you say, always something there of interest to the modellers. Chris Davis


    • Thanks Chris. You did well exhibiting at such short notice, and I did enjoy your layout – I dabbled in O16.5 in my teenage years (using Hornby Dublo chassis – that dates me.) Sorry if I was a little negative about the show. I think selling out of bacon rolls coloured my views slightly. Jon


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