Crich Tramway Village – 2

I was surprised at just how many trams there were in the tram shed, all available for operation.  They come from all over the UK, and a few from Europe, including this Berlin tram….

And one, if I remember rightly, one from Portugal.

The rest, I confess that I didn’t note down where they came from, just enjoyed the experience of seeing so many well preserved vehicles.


But there was one interloper, with this very early bus….

And I can spot a New York trolley…

Outside there is an interesting traverser to access the shed and the exhibition hall on the other, near, side of the traverser.

Entering the exhibition hall, there are even more trams to enjoy.  Here, there’s a classic Leeds Horsfield tram far left. The single decker hasn’t suffered a spelling mistake on the destination blind – it’s from the Hague.  And a very modern looking design for one built in the 1930’s.  UK tram design does, on the whole, seem to have lagged behind Europe.


A snow sweeper service car, again from Europe.

And outside, some fine trackwork.  Anyone want to build this in ‘N’?

Time for an ice cream (very good too, lemon and ginger flavour)….

Then time for a second tram ride…

An excellent visit, and I’d happily go back to do it all again.  Strongly recommended!

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2 Responses to Crich Tramway Village – 2

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  2. Yes, Crich is a great day out. They do have a great selection on trams. I like the fact they even have a former Paisley tram (my home town). It’s the one displaying the L plates and Mosspark as a destination.


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