Mid Essex MRC exhibition 2019 – 2

Shelvington (P4) is set in the Hampshire/Surrey borders.  This section of line has seen better days…

But around the corner there is a fine selection of SR DEMU’s, and a relatively modern BR terminus.

Fen End Pit (16mm narrow gauge) is a sand an gravel pit set near Ely in the Fens.  Apart from the charming rolling stock, the sand really gets moved down the line.

First by this working Ruston dragline….

Then along the line….

To be tipped onto this working conveyor and rotating grader.  Neat modelling and good entertainment.

Oh Guano (On16.5) must be unique!  Who models the conveyance of bat sh*t?  But this is based on a real industry near Cairns, Queensland.  Great fun!  I am glad that I didn’t know about this when we visited Cairns, as I doubt whether I could have persuaded Maxine that a visit was a good holiday option.  The guano was made of instant coffee granules.  No wonder instant coffee tastes so bad….

Bedford Road (O) is a small yard and traction depot in the East Midlands in the late-1980’s.  A chance to admire those large diesels.

Loch Tar (N) is somewhere in the West Highlands.  Some nice scenery, though I though the location was near Loch Ness, with that geological fault between the two baseboards, that rather spoils the picture?

And finally today, a quiet moment at Georgmas Junction (OO).  The operators were having a little electrical problem as I passed by…..

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