A Minories of my own – 10 – housekeeping

A little snow in Earlswood meant a lot of modelling time…..

I built the simple box that will represent the concourse end of the platforms.  Easy to uncouple a locomotive, too, if it’s not under an overall roof.  The boards are aligned with pattern-makers dowels.  I was expecting to make a mess of these, and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get correct alignment.  (Well, within 0.5mm, that can be easily packed up under the track over the joint.  I still have to fit the latches to hold the boards together.

Finally, a little furniture moving lined up my bookcases to support the railway when at home.  There was also a lot of sorting out and sweeping of the floor – sawdust seems to get everywhere!  I then knocked up some supports for the boards, to allow for the differing heights, and also provide useful storage space underneath the layout.  The right hand bookcase is one of a pair owned by my parents, and that I grew up with.  Now very useful for storing trains and railway books.  The taxi on the layout has arrived a little early….

And just to finish off, here’s a gem of a picture of the first electric train to reach Redhill – in 1932.  Note the safe working practices on the telegraph pole in the background.

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