Book review – yet again!

A day off modelling today – and too much reading taking place.  Also waiting for a few items to be delivered in the post (thoughthe drawer slides for the traverser are here.)

Unfortunately I read the Lightmoor Press advert in this months RM, and was lured into buying this lovely book.

Full of great drawings, like the Somerset and Dorset above, and pictures, such as this one of the Metropolitan Railway.

I made the mistake of looking through the rest of their web site, and couldn’t resist this…..

Again, lots of evocative and interesting pictures.  Some colourised, and others photographs like the one of West Kensington, below.

I am making some progress with the scenery ‘underneath the arches,’ experimenting how to use 2mm brick Plasticard, and pick out the embossed mortar lines.  I may have a few pictures to show next time around.

Here are another couple of old postcards…..

Southampton West.

And Fordingbridge…..

And finally, for those whose interests lie further west, here’s some heavy tonnage on the Wabash.  This would make a good model!

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